Streetlight Manifesto Somewhere in the Between

Keasbey Nights-era Catch 22 were arguably the best ska-punk-whatever band since the infamous Op Ivy left the stage in ’89. When guitarist/vocalist Tomas Kalnoky left Catch 22, things seemed bleak for the scene, but he soon formed Streetlight Manifesto and anyone fond of yelling, "pick it up! pick it up!” while dancing around in a plaid suit was stoked. From the moment the horn section kicks in, Somewhere in the Between is off and running, and this album has got it all. Sing-alongs abound, while the music goes from rocket-fuelled up-strokes to anthemic punk rock at the drop of a sweaty fedora, and Kalnoky’s distinct rasp is in top form, as are his lyrics. Where this record really shines is its horn section, which is much more of a driving force than in many bands that flaunt trumpets, trombones and their ilk. It’s too hard to name a standout track here; they’re all that good. (Victory)