​Stream Calvin Love's New Album 'Highway Dancer'

​Stream Calvin Love's New Album 'Highway Dancer'
Calvin Love's latest LP, Highway Dancer, arrives tomorrow (October 26), but Exclaim! is giving you the opportunity to hear it a day early.
The album was inspired by Love's ongoing experiences of life on the road — even when he's not on tour supporting his music. The musician grew up in Edmonton but has moved between Europe and L.A., so it only makes sense that he's made an album for and about people who are in limbo, in transition or in between moving and standing still.
"Many of the songs are the subconscious soundtrack to my life and travels before my mind had a chance to conceive them," Love tells Exclaim! "Inspiration came from everything that attracted my inner soul to the external forces and beauty this world has to offer, from the endless highways of North America to the Hutong alleys of Beijing. I don't chase the songs, they chase me."
Listen to his latest offering of lo-fi electro-pop by streaming Highway Dancer down below.
The album is officially out on October 26 via Modern Sky, and it's available for pre-order here. Love will also play an album release show at the Monarch Tavern in Toronto on November 8.