Strawman Fallacy Strawman Fallacy

Besides having one of the most intense live shows I have had the pleasure of witnessing in a long time, Strawman Fallacy’s 5-song EP is an equally potent and expressive musical portrait. With a sound similar to Orchid in terms of its brutality and sheer noisiness, Strawman Fallacy still appear to be playing by their own musical rules. While "This Heimlich’s A Favour” crashes forward without abandon, destroying anything in the path of its sonic assault, "There’s Trouble In Tromaville” toys with slower sections that are more evocative of Quicksand than anything released by Reversal of Man. By the end of the track, however, the volume has been brought back to pummelling levels, and the band unleashes an even greater aural beating on the listener than before. With an original voice and grasp on the importance of dynamics sometimes missing for other bands of their ilk, Strawman Fallacy have released an important and undoubtedly compelling EP. (Independent)