Storyhill Storyhill

Storyhill is Chris Cunningham and John Hermanson, or "Chris & Johnny,” as they were first known when the two Montana natives began their musical partnership back in ’89. Their first major release is best described as old-fashioned acoustic folk but it’s delivered in a delightful, new-fashioned way. Storyhill are all about the sublime, made-for-each-other vocal harmonies of both principal singer-songwriters and they cover a lot of musical turf, recalling the harmonic blend of the Everlys, the BoDeans. Cowboy and perhaps, a Guthrie or two. Even the Jayhawks have been referenced in an effort to describe their sound but, aside from the similarity in vocal approach, these 11 sturdy originals are more folk pop than alt-country. Strong, graceful songs built around minimal accompaniment — acoustic guitars, bass, drums and piano — their voices are front and centre, as they should be. Standout tracks, and there are many, include delicate opener "Go For The Ghost,” while "Paradise Lost” hits a more confident stride, taking advantage of electric guitar effects. The lush and lilting "Fallen” also underlines their skill as accomplished guitarists, while potentially awkward mouthful "Sacramento” soars to anthemic proportions under their care. These hooks go deep, while the glistening production serves to lift each spellbinding composition higher still. A real find. (Red House)