Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble Blues At Sunrise

Although it contains 80 percent previously released material, anything with the name Steve Ray Vaughan is welcome - he was and still is planet earth's Southern space gypsy of the blues. This collection, which should be considered a thematic release instead of a mere compilation, binds together the more massaging, string pulling and smooth bass-driven exhibitions that SRV and Double Trouble are known for. Unreleased gems include an outtake of "The Sky Is Crying" and an 11-plus minute live version of "Tin Pan Alley" from Montreaux, 1985. Two large slices of performances on Canadian soil are present with "Texas Flood" (a legendary recording from Toronto's El Mocambo) and the 15-plus-minute title track, which was recorded in Hamilton, ON (of all places!), alongside another late great blues legend, Albert King. Over 70 minutes of thick authentic genius sounds. (Epic)