Steve Von Till As The Crow Flies

As The Crow Flies shows Neurosis guitarist/vocalist Steve Von Till at his most vulnerable, serene and introspective. A departure from the overwhelming musical saturation that Neurosis is renowned for, As The Crow Flies is as stripped down and bare as Neurosis is layered and dense. The one commonality, besides Von Till's involvement, is that they are booth brooding and dark. Utilising a minimum of instrumentation, most tracks consist of Von Till's subdued vocals and acoustic guitar with the accompaniment of piano, cello, violin, or a combination thereof. As The Crow Flies sees Von Till constructing sparse, haunting soundscapes that are equal parts lament, morose folk and requiem. Driven by Von Till's clean singing, quiet whispers and acoustic strumming, each song ebbs and flows together effortlessly, possessing an ethereal quality that renders As The Crow Flies dream-like yet contemplative in its delivery. A strikingly beautiful release, which retains hints of Neurosis' tension and isolation, As The Crow Flies is a departure that not all Neurosis fans may understand or enjoy, but, nevertheless, a necessary one. (Neurot)