Steve Singh Heavy Metal Sunset

Steve Singh seems to be a hardworking dude. I mean, a lazy musician wouldn’t spend hours cutting sheet metal into CD cases and closing each one with nuts, bolts and a padlock. Nor would they spend even more time personally imprinting writers’ names into said metal sheets. While Singh did a good job at making this writer feel special, the whole production seems to be a little unnecessary. Not to mention, storing this "heavy metal” in your CD collection is beyond frustrating. But album artwork (or construction, in this case) means shit; it’s what’s inside that matters. In the case of Heavy Metal Sunset, the music is just as confusing as the packaging. At first, Singh blends poppy electronica with Grease sing-alongs. "The Weasel of Coventry” starts off with an ’80s pop-inspired three-part harmony before becoming a merry-go-round theme song. Much like said merry-go-round, the longer you stay on the ride, the sicker you get. Skip ahead to "Mouth Full of Gravity” and the bubblegum pop is easier to digest. For a one-man band, Singh impresses with his meaty compositions and quirky melodies, but there’s no consistency. "You Stink Underwear” sounds like Cold War Kids on speed jamming with the Russian Futurists, and just when you think Singh may have started to find his groove, the album ends. (Unemployment)