Steve Lacy November

The last recording of Lacy's storied career, November is a superb encapsulation of his personal approach to solo saxophone. Recorded in concert in Zurich, Lacy explores ten pieces with the unique tone, rhythm and intellectual rigour, which characterized his profound relationship with the most demanding member of the saxophone family. "Tina's Tune," the autumnal meditation on death, includes Lacy vocalizing, made vulnerable by the ineluctable progress of terminal illness. "The Duck" includes quirky sounds that would make any free-improviser green with envy. "The Crust," "The Wammies" and "The Rent" all get the kind of scrupulous Lacy workout typical of this musician's musician. The set ends with Monk's "Reflections," treated with the respect and reverence that come from his decades-long dedication to the pianist's compositions. Steve Lacy was a poet and painter in sound. Every track is a gem. Highly recommended. (Intakt)