Stereolab Announce 'Switched On' Vinyl Reissues

The band's 'Switched On,' 'Refried Ectoplasm' and 'Aluminum Tunes' compilations are all coming back to wax
Stereolab Announce 'Switched On' Vinyl Reissues
Four years removed from expressing distaste with a prior reissue campaign, Stereolab have now announced plans to bring a trio of early compilations back to vinyl.

An online listing points to the group reissuing 1992's Switched On, 1995's Refried Ectoplasm (Switched On Volume 2) and 1998's Aluminum Tunes (Switched On Volume 3) on September 27.

All three titles will arrive on clear vinyl through Stereolab's own label Duophonic and will feature audio remastered by Calyx in Berlin.

Audio quality was a sticking point for the group when it came to label 1972 reissuing their Elektra Records catalogue back in 2012. Vocalist Laetitia Sadier told BBC Radio 6 in 2014 that the sound quality of those repressings was "terrible," encouraging fans to hold out for properly mastered releases.

"What I do know is we're going is that we're going to rerelease some records — all the Elektra records will be rereleased," Sadier said at the time. "Remastered and rereleased on properly made albums, vinyls, because there was an edition on a label called 1972 or something. They took the masters from the CDs, so of course it sounds terrible and people were complaining. So all we could say to people was, 'Don't buy them, do not buy that.'" 

Though the trio of Switched On compilations were not initially released on Elektra, it's promising news for long-awaited reissues of the rest of the band's catalogue.

Stereolab's last album was 2010's Not Music. Sadier last released Find Me Finding You as the Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble last year.