The Stepkids Perform "Shadows on Behalf" and "Suburban Dream"

The Stepkids Perform 'Shadows on Behalf' and 'Suburban Dream'
Last week, Connecticut trio the Stepkids graced the Exclaim! office with their intricate vocal harmonies and highly virtuous musicianship. Between the three members, they boast an impressive musical résumé, ranging from guitar work for Alicia Keys to sharing stages with 50 Cent and Lauryn Hill.

The band, which performed in the Exclaim! backyard the same day their debut self-titled LP was scheduled for release, gave the Exclaim! TV staff an inside look at their live sound. The Stepkids performed "Suburban Dream" and "Shadows on Behalf," as well as granting Exclaim! TV an exclusive interview. Extremely technical guitar, bass and percussion work, in combination with complex vocal harmonies, left the Exclaim! TV crew stunned. The Stepkids are highly skilled musicians definitely worth checking out.

Check out live performances of the two tracks for yourself. If you like what you see, you can download both tracks in from our Click Hear section.