Stephane Pompougnac/Various Hotel Costes

This is the sixth Hotel Costes comp and given the sheer quality of this 14-track release, it will undoubtedly not be the last. Pompougnac has compiled an eclectic mix of acid jazz, transcontinental rhythms and broken beat tech-house that amounts to a tightly knit flowing CD; truly an amazing feat considering Hotel Coates is not a continuous play album. This is one of those records that when you hear it for the first time, you immediately wonder why the hell you’ve yet to add any of the other Hotel Costes releases to your musical repertoire. Pompougnac has compiled those deep, dirty, get out and shake your booty funk/soul ambient-fusion kind of tracks that unfortunately rarely get their share of sufficient air time in the clubs. But don’t worry, Hotel Costes will surely get plenty of playtime in your system at home. If quality music were a minute, you’d wish you had an hour; thankfully Hotel Costes offers just that: a sustainable lounge concept album with enough tracks to not only wet your pallet but spark your appetite for more Pompougnac and more Hotel Costes. The journey continues. (Pschent)