Steph Cameron Details Sophomore LP 'Daybreak over Jackson Street'

Steph Cameron Details Sophomore LP 'Daybreak over Jackson Street'
Saskatoon-based singer-songwriter Steph Cameron left a strong impression with her 2014 debut Sad-Eyed Lonesome Lady, and she's ready to follow that up with a new album titled Daybreak over Jackson Street. It's due out on April 14 through Pheromone Recordings.
A press release notes that if Cameron's first LP sounded straight from "the bohemian streets of Greenwich Village circa 1963," then the upcoming effort is a slightly more mature offering that channels "an early '70s Laurel or Topanga Canyon atmosphere."
Despite harnessing the sounds of another time and place, Daybreak over Jackson Street was recorded at Toronto's Revolution Recording with producer Joe Dunphy. Like her first album, the new one features just Cameron's voice and one guitar, but this time it's an even more intimate listening affair. Moving to a smaller room in the studio generated an even closer connection between artist and listener.
"The idea was to create a record that sounds as though the songwriter is in the room with the listener," Cameron said in a statement. "We created a very warm, intimate record that does justice to the truly personal stories captured by these songs."
A new single called "Young and Living Free" has arrived, and you can hear it down below.
"Time has shown me that our generations circle around like a spinning wheel — connecting me to my mother, to her mother and so on," Cameron said, speaking about the inspiration for the track. "The song is a reflection on time as a dream without ending, where our stories are spun and gathered around us, and where the nature of our spirits, across our generations, are cut from the same cloth."
Scroll past the LP's tracklisting below and hit play to hear that sentiment get woven into "Young and Living Free." Beyond that, you can also listen to the previously shared album cut "California."
Daybreak over Jackson Street:
1. Daybreak Over Jackson Street
2. Young And Living Free
3. That's What Love Is
4. On My Mind
5. Richard
6. Winterwood
7. Little Blue Bird
8. You Oughta Know By Now
9. California
10. Sing For Me
11. Peace Is Hard To Find