Steph Cameron Sad-Eyed Lonesome Lady

Steph CameronSad-Eyed Lonesome Lady
Steph Cameron is a classic travelling troubadour, a singer, guitar player and songwriter. Based in BC, Cameron has hitchhiked and busked her way across the country, and this crop of songs, accompanied by acoustic guitar and the occasional harmonica line, bears the patina of travels and troubles, winding roads and leaky tents. From the bluesy "Poppa Won't You Take Me Home" to the Gordon Lightfoot-like "Five Dollars," to the Bob Dylan-esque title track, the album treads well-worn songwriter territory.

While her lyrics pay homage to old folky themes like wolves howling, wild roses, prison and having someone "go my bail," she weaves these into songs about the here and now. Cameron's fingerpicked guitar chops are solid, her lines spare, with warm, clear tone. At first listen, her sweet, young voice sometimes sounds out of its depth tackling these themes, but then again, why do we expect a grizzled, tired voice to deliver folk songs anyway? An impressive debut album, Sad-Eyed Lonesome Lady delights from start to finish. Steph Cameron is the real deal. (Pheromone)