Stendeck Can You Hear My Call?

Swiss musician Alessandro Zampieri began his musical opus at a young age using the piano as a guide. In 1999, Stendeck was formed when Zampieri turned his attention to the world of electronic music. His debut album, Can You Hear My Call? represents the loneliness of the city; the sad call into the night that is usually muffled by the dull pounding of progress. Stendeck explores metropolis and finds bars instead of buildings, while his feelings of emptiness and isolation are poured into strangely crafted ambient noise that fills your headphones with dizzying emotions. With tracks like "Numbered,” "Well Ordered,” "Stocked in a Big Grey Square of Boxes (Metropolitan Disease)” and "Monsters are Getting Closer” – black shadows swallow dreams, and the music whispers faintly as lonely piano chords plunk softly over rich, atmospheric soundscapes. Soon the softness of the music is broken by startling noise, droning beats that overpower the delicate, floating ambience. The dim cry of the piano is replaced with the sound of hollow drums and metallic synths. Can You Hear My Call? is an emotive range of frail and vulnerable symphonies that eloquently narrate stories of loneliness and survival in the unfeeling city as well as standing as a startling debut from a promising new artist. (Geska)