Steel Panther Will Make Their "Pussy Melter" Guitar Effect After All

"Steel Panther is happy to announce that we are now offering pleasurable eargasms to everyone"
Steel Panther Will Make Their 'Pussy Melter' Guitar Effect After All
Last month, Steel Panther and TC Electronic came under fire for the sale of a guitar effect dubbed the "Pussy Melter," with artists including Braids, Japanese Breakfast and Ted Leo denouncing the sexist language used in the product's marketing. Now, the band will sell a standalone stompbox using the name.

The pink pedal, seen above, features four knobs labelled "Dirty," "Load," "Booty" and "Sizzle," as well as a switch that flips between "Moist" and "Gushing." 

The band announced the launch of the pedal alongside the following statement:

We respect and love the freedom of speech afforded all citizens in the U.S. We support the right for all people to express themselves no matter where they are in the world. We welcome all races, genders and sexual orientations at our shows - shows that celebrate everyone's individuality through partying, and of course a love of heavy metal.

As clearly stated by Satchel when it was originally developed, the sound being created by the Pussy Melter tone pack was intended to bring pleasure to females who heard it. Steel Panther is happy to announce that we are now offering pleasurable eargasms to everyone.

Upon pulling the effect from their store last month, TC Electronic wrote, "We recognize that the material was inappropriate...We sincerely apologize."

Braids' Raphaelle Standell-Preston also wrote about the backlash she received in denouncing the effect.