Statues New People Make Us Nervous

Statues are a band that enjoy sitting on the fence between rock and punk, and alt-rock and experimentation. All this fence sitting takes its toll on their debut, New People Make Us Nervous, and leaves listeners a little bit confused with the generic, yet slightly captivating, 13 energetic cuts. One minute Statues would like you to believe that they are masters of Brit-rock and create dance-y, fun jingles with invigorating chants akin to Bloc Party or Boykillboy but with duller vocals ("Attention!”), the next that they are gritty punk rock skater boys that enjoyed Billy Talent’s debut album more than most of us ("The Last Stand”). Amidst the stockpile of random songs oddly fitted together some winners do emerge. Take for example the laid-back, two-tone track "All Good Things,” which is catchy rock at its best with a blistering performance on the drums, or the experimental bass riffing in "The Audition.” The songwriting is basic and repetitive but the fact that their talent and passion is raw and unavoidably fresh makes this debut interesting, sparking the notion that Statues would most likely be a killer band to check out live. Even better, seeing them in a Warped Tour-like setting would be off the hook! (Shooting at Decoys)