Stars Of Track And Field Centuries Before Love and War

Bass-less and openly technology reliant, allow me to introduce you to Portland, OR’s surprisingly not Shins-esque indie pop band Stars of Track and Field. They’ve shared the stage with Jeremy Enigk and a slew of others, and signed to rock’s independent powerhouse (Wind Up) last year. Unlike their label-mates (Finger 11, Evanescence), Stars of Track and Field make their home in brooding, experimental statements of unbridled noise. Each song is incredible, whether it’s the whispery romantics of delicate ballad "With You” (which sounds surprisingly very Canadian) or the mix of post-rock and dance-tronica on "Arithmatik,” which has a beautiful neon energy to it. Some tracks have more stable and grounded melodies ("Movies of Antarctica”), while others just graze about artistically, impressing with blossoming chord progressions or soft, whiny vocal melodies ("Exit the Recital”). Each song is a new adventure, making this album a much-needed breath of fresh air in the currently very stale alternative rock landscape. (Wind-up)