The Five Ghosts

BY Ian GormelyPublished Jul 25, 2010

Something about the last Stars album, In Our Bedroom After the War, rubbed many people the wrong way. It sounded as if the band's unbridled ambition to create epic indie pop met head on with the band's ability to actually pull it off. This time out, Stars dial it back a notch or two, creating a record that lies somewhere in between sophomore breakout Heart and the excellent Set Yourself On Fire, finding the quintet playing to their strengths. The melodrama has been toned down, making each of these 11 tracks instantly more relatable. That's not to say the band have lost their trademarks ― the emphatic sincerity remains ― it's just that there are fewer groan-inducing lyrical turns. By acknowledging their weaknesses and lowering the bar just an inch, Stars have succeeded in creating a near-perfect indie pop album.
(Soft Revolution)

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