Starfucker to Score New Film

Starfucker to Score New Film
It's been a busy year for Portland synth-pop party band Starfucker, what with their recently released Reptilians, jail stints and tours aplenty. But somehow the band are still finding time to crank out more tunes. More specifically, the outfit will be scoring an upcoming indie film.

A press release confirms that the act will be providing the music to writer/director Chris Birkmeier's upcoming flick, In Bloom. This won't be the first time they've worked with Birkmeier; earlier this year he directed the toga party bump 'n' grind clip, "Quality Time."

While Starfucker have a thing for crafting reckless party starters, the band are excited to work within the more disciplined medium of film scoring.

"I'm specifically excited for the challenge of making music to fit an established feeling rather than just making whatever I want. I like being challenged by constraints, it's creative in a different way," Starfucker main man Josh Hodges said in a statement.

It's hard to say how adrenalized the score will be in comparison to the act's other tunes, but the film sort of sounds like a downer. The press release summarizes the film as "a drama about the faltering relationship between two young gay men during a particularly dangerous Chicago summer."

Interestingly, a major plot point finds the main characters -- pot dealer Kurt and grocery clerk Paul -- dealing with infidelity at a college rager. Maybe the "Quality Time" vid isn't so far off from the flick after all?

A release date hasn't been set for In Bloom, but production begins this August.