Star Fucking Hipsters Until We're Dead

The first thing that comes to mind after pushing play is "holy shit, Stza is growing up.” After the intro track the ears are greeted by a soft piano before exploding into a song that’s more reminiscent of Anti-Flag or Rise Against than anything that’s come from the Crackrocksteady camp in the past. Of course there’s still the unique sound of the former Leftover Crack front-man’s vocals, but the interplay between the male and female singers creates a more powerful, inclusive sound. And there is still the obligatory ska ("Snitch to the Suture”) and fast ’90s skate punk ("Immigrants & Hypocrites”) moments, but even the juvenile, over-played topic of dead cops can’t spoil songs like "Two Cups of Tea,” where the softer, mournful sound makes for a more intimate experience. Where this album is most successful is in taking the ideas and themes from all of their past bands and presenting them in a more mature, grown up way, allowing for the topics to not seem contrived or juvenile. (Fat Wreck)