Stalley Announces 'Honest Cowboy' Mixtape via New Album Trailer

Stalley Announces 'Honest Cowboy' Mixtape via New Album Trailer
Ohio MMG member Stalley hinted at a new mixtape coming our way when he posted his "Raise Your Weapons" last week, and now the rapper has given the freelease a name and a due date. Titled Honest Cowboy, it drops August 8.

Though a tracklisting has yet to appear, the rapper teased the set in a new trailer that features snippets of "Raise Your Weapons" and his recent, slow-mo twerk tutorial "Swangin'." The clip finds Stalley taking part in a photo shoot with photographer Robb Kendrick down in San Antonio, and explaining the western-themed tape title.

"I've always been infatuated with cowboys, being that my father was somewhat of a cowboy. He travelled from Ohio down to San Antonio, TX, to work on different ranches and farms," Stalley said. "You know, cowboys is some of the most honest people that you can meet; there's no in-between with them. They tell it how it is, whether you like it or not. That's how my father was and that's how I am."

Of the tape, Stalley added on Twitter: "This mixtape I like to call the album before the album. I wanted to give you guys a more personal piece of music to sit wit before the album. This is the most open and honest I've ever been in my music."

You can check out the trailer and a stream of "Raise Your Weapons" down below.