St. John/Various Blast the Speakers

File this one under "music to annoy your parents." San Franciscan DJ St. John puts together 16 loop-based house and trance pounders guaranteed to sound insanely irritating to anyone sitting down, trying to relax, sleep or work. This is simple and sweaty dance music made for serious stomping. Noisy hard house screamers like Joy Kitikonti's "Joyenergizer," Unix's "Wild Pleasure" and Robbie Rivera's "Funk a tron" are the kinds of tracks that blot out conversation and raise eyebrows in clubs, but there are also a few trance tracks that appear later in the mix. Marc et Claude's "Tremble" is a standard vocal trance affair, complete with shimmering chords and swooshing noises, while Zicky's "Follow Me" walks a similar line, this time with a climaxing woman begging for things deeper and faster. St. John's mixing is well done, the tracks flow quite well and the mix builds to a proper peak near the end, with successive tracks trying to outdo each other in their breakdowns and snare rolls. If you are interested in recreating a past night of hard house and trance, this CD should do the trick. (UBL)