Springloaded Nothing To Lose, Nothing To Gain

The quip, "age doesn’t mean anything” is generally reserved for people who know it does. Yet in the case of Springloaded — their collective age barely hits the first Ramones gig — the statement rings entirely true. Four-chord punk rock that engages through brash riffs, hyperactive pacing and snotty/raspy vocals, Nothing To Lose, Nothing To Gain is the perfect throwback to first generation hardcore. Musically, the amalgamation of early ’80s DC hardcore and sneer-laden SoCal elicits comparisons to early D.R.I., Circle Jerks and naturally the more vitriolic elements of Rancid. The album quickly brings on almost as strong a rush of nostalgia as it does excitement for fresh blood. Lyrically, the band are keenly entrenched in the energetic wit that defined crossover, notable on tracks such as "Springloaded Vs. The Zombies,” "Resistance Is Fertile” and "Blunt Force Drama.” Thanks to minimalist production values and live recording, every drip of anger, passion and wryness translates perfectly. (Independent)