Sportsfan 'Extended Plays' (album stream)

Sportsfan 'Extended Plays' (album stream)
Following a pair of EPs, Toronto four-piece Sportsfan are gathering up their recorded output for a new collection. Appropriately called Extended Plays, the new record arrives tomorrow (February 2), and the band are celebrating it with a hometown release show.

Extended Plays collects Sportsfan's two EPs — Holy Hell and Bad Summer — and puts them on one convenient collection, which you can now stream for yourself below.

As the band explain, "What started as an excuse to drink beer and be around each other more, became a list of songs that desired to be heard by more than those dicking around the halls of the Rehearsal Factory."

Along with arriving digitally, Extended Plays is coming out on "coke bottle green vinyl" and cassette, and you can grab yourself a copy online here. Also, feel free to revisit the group's "Runner's High" video and "Stroman" clip while you're at it.

The release show takes place tomorrow night in Toronto at the Smiling Buddha, where they will play with B-17, the Beachmen and Triples. You can get more details here. Sportsfan will also be doing an all-ages show at Sonic Boom at 4 p.m. EST on Saturday (February 3).