Sportsfan "Stroman" (video)

Sportsfan 'Stroman' (video)
The MLB post-season is almost here, and if Toronto quartet Sportsfan's band name didn't already tip you off, they're ready for some October action. Showing their support for Wild Card hopefuls the Blue Jays, the band have just unveiled a stadium-ready single called "Stroman."

Dedicated to Jays starting pitcher Marcus Stroman, the pop-rock cut is all about rallying behind the team while sitting deep in the bleachers with a Bud in your hand.

Surrounded by a mound of equipment, the video has Sportsfan rocking an infield in non-regulation gear. Vocalist/guitarist Ali Haberstroh makes the best effort to sport a bit of blue and white; six-stringer Simon Outhit dangles a cigarette out of his mouth while cracking out his solo.

You'll find Sportfan's tributary rally anthem down below.