Spitfire The Slideshow Whiplash EP

I've heard this EP described as "the worst record ever made" by some segments of the hardcore community. Granted, far worse records have been made, but this is in the running for the most unfocussed record of all time. Spitfire can't seem to decide what they want to do, and what they end up doing is attempting to cash in on all that is popular and trendy in hardcore these days, hoping something sticks to the wall. You have your requisite bizarro song titles and lyrics while the band takes you through the musical wringer with plodding metalcore on "Bulletproof and Tall as Jesus," hipster fake jazz on the title track, criminally off-key emo on "Heroin" and the most blatant Dillinger Escape Plan rip-off to date with "This Ain't Vegas and You Ain't Elvis." All this and there are only four songs on this release. There's a fine line between being a band that can write music that draws together and seamlessly presents a wide range of influence, then there are bands who just sound silly trying to cash in on something (or in this case, everything) that's currently clicking with the kids. (Goodfellow)