Spite Nothing Is Beautiful

Spite Nothing Is Beautiful
Nothing about deathcore is subtle. The subgenre took off in the mid 2000s with massive hardcore-influenced breakdowns doused in controversial lyrics, while nodding at death metal elements. Many would say that the phase has come and gone, but California group Spite take aim at reviving what once was on Nothing Is Beautiful.
The first track, "IED," quickly shows that the band is out for blood. Heavy is the name of the game throughout the record, which is riddled with quick tempo two-step riffs and chugging, slam-styled breakdowns. "Kingdom of Guts" and "Thy Bidding" follow similar paths, but despite being formulaic, it works.
Vocalist Darius Tehrani has a range that often sets him apart from his genre peers. While he shines on the second single "Despise," his delivery is hard to digest on other songs ("Kill or Be Killed," "Drown Me"). The biggest bone to be picked with Nothing Is Beautiful is the contentious lyricism here, which feels like it could've been found in large font on merchandise in 2008. It's hard to keep track of how many times "motherfucker" is used, and it feels trite and juvenile by the end.
Spite, at their best, convey a violent energy familiar to bands like the Acacia Strain and Suicide Silence when they first made their mark on heavy music. However, they sometimes fall short, lacking the big moments that their genre so desperately needs. (Stay Sick Recordings)