Spiritualized The Complete Works Volume Two

The second part of Jason Pierce’s catalogue clearance sale is far less essential than last year’s Volume One. There’s over 120 minutes of music in this two-disc set but the worthwhile tracks could fit into a single EP. "Rock and Roll” and "Going Down Slow” are excellent leftovers from the Let It Come Down sessions, both featuring heavily orchestrated arrangements and pleading vocal efforts from Pierce. The cover of "The X-Files Theme” is fun for its kitsch value. And the four live cuts from the Abbey Road EP feature some exciting free jazz experimentation, including a noisy instrumental version of "Amazing Grace (Peace On Earth)” that references the "Star Spangled Banner” as well. Unfortunately, everything else on here is completely inessential. The instrumentals are useless save for anyone holding a Spiritualized karaoke party and the supposedly alternate versions of the songs from Let It Come Down sound exactly the same to me. Save your cash. (Arista)