Spiritualized Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver BC September 13

After treating these here shores to the "Acoustic Mainline” tour late last year, Jason Pierce has returned, and this time with electricity. Back is Spiritualized’s full-on space rock, squealing feedback and, of course, drugged-out bliss, refreshing Vancouver’s memory of just why they call Pierce Spaceman, as well as why it’s always important to bring earplugs.

Escorted by a full four-man backing band and two swaying soul sisters, Pierce took the stage just as you’d expect him to: sporting massive shades and a whole lot of "who gives a fuck.” With a wave — J. Spaceman’s one and only address to the crowd — Pierce and co. pushed into the red right of the bat, delivering an explosive "Amazing Grace” freak-out, before letting it all come down again for the lazer guided melody, "Shine a Light.” This stunning one-two quickly set the night’s tone, with the band repeatedly pummeling your eardrums before scaling it back and lulling you into submission.

Obviously the set focused primarily on Spiritualized’s latest post-traumatic opus, Songs in A&E, delivering souled-out and rocked-up renditions of "Sweet Talk” and "Soul On Fire,” among others. But the show also came with more than its fair share of old faves. In fact, no Spiritualized album was left untouched, with the band dipping into everything from Pure Phases’ euphoric "Lay Back in the Sun” to a garage-stomping "This Little Life of Mine” from Amazing Grace to stunning gospel reworks of Ladies and Gentleman’s "Come Together” and its classic title track. Add the pair of Spacemen 3 tracks that closed the night — "Take Me to the Other Side” and "Lord Can You Hear Me?” which split your ears wide open before delicately soothing them back to health — and, really, Spiritualized had covered all the bases and then some, leaving behind the sweet aftertaste of satisfaction.

When Pierce pulled the plug on the night, it was tough to descend back to Earth, but it always is after floating in outer space.