Spirits Spirits

This Southern Ontario band have finally released their debut album after starting up in 2006 as a side-project super-group. The trio of Ian Smith, Brad Germain and Nick Skalkos bring the pop dance moves out of the dark, mixing in electronic keyboard or drum beats that practically stare you down until you dance with the rock lying in the guitars and vocals that almost shimmy up to Bono. All of these components mimic one another ― the instruments follow the vocals or vice versa; it's obvious but intriguing, establishing a swirling effect. Smith and Germain's vocals bring the individuality of different pitches working together. The infectious '80s movie soundtrack-like, finger-snapping guitar riff in "Into Gentle Arms," the chanting in "Open the Door" and sex-dripping drone in "For the Love of Money" show how this self-produced album definitely gives itself away as must-see live. Who wouldn't want to bring the sweat they work up from dancing to this in their room to a live venue? (Sonic Unyon)