Spesh K Export Eh

For his newest album, Fax 4 member Spesh K flexes his witty punch lines and metaphors/similes over some decent Classified production. Unfortunately, none of the production here is comparable to Classified’s recent breakout album, Boy-Cott-In the Industry, and many of the songs have a tendency to blend together. However, the tracks that do stand out from the pack are well worth a listen. The album starts off strong with the amped-up beat and braggadocio lyrics of introductory anthem "Spesh Is Coming,” while an appearance by punch line comedy rapper D-Sisive (where has that guy been?) is more than welcome, as are Classified, J-Bru, Mic B, Jay Bizzy and Bonshah, who get raucous with Spesh K for the kick-ass "Six Emcces.” But, the highlight of the album is "The Hungry Emcee,” Spesh’s ode to weed that sees the Halifax, Nova Scotia, rapper choosing the sticky green over his greens, or any other food. Class’s beat is smooth and laidback with a slick guitar sample. The hype track that follows, "Knockin’em Down,” is a close second. Spesh won’t flip your dome with Export Eh, but it is guaranteed to get your dome nodding more than a few times. (CTG)