Opulent Decay

BY Scott RoosPublished Apr 9, 2020

Opulent Decay, the third release from Vancouver-based metal mystics Spell, is a psychedelic space rock exploration steeped in sludge and fuzz. Tipping their caps to a range of classic hard rock influences like Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Rush and even old-school Mercyful Fate, the trio capture a dreary, overcast and lo-fi vibe throughout.

Kicking off with the sinister "Psychic Death," and moving into the title track through to the pastoral "Primrose Path," this record pulls very few punches. The riffs are tight and at times syncopated or polyrhythmic. The biggest surprise on Opulent Decay is the modal, hymn-like "Ataraxia," proving that Spell are capable of being as progressive vocally as they are instrumentally. 

Given the "what's old is new" mantra of bands like Ghost, Gygax, Black Mountain and the Sheepdogs, Spell find themselves in good company. Opulent Decay is another strong and innovative showing from Spell — a very worthy soundtrack for the coming apocalypse.
(Bad Omen)

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