Speedy Ortiz "My Dead Girl" (video)

Speedy Ortiz 'My Dead Girl' (video)
Speedy Ortiz have unveiled a new clip for "My Dead Girl" off of this year's Foil Deer, and it takes its inspiration from none other than David Lynch.
To pay homage to the famous oddball director, the band teamed up with Elle Schneider on the new clip, which toys with the idea of dreams and consciousness using unsettling shots of strange scenes — involving puppet characters.
"He's the master when it comes to emulation of dreams," said drummer Mike Falcone, gushing about the group's love for Lynch. "Mulholland Drive might have the best two-hour dream sequence out of any movie because it feels like a vivid subconscious progression. An extreme scenario might generate a completely nonchalant reaction, or vice versa. Bizarre details can feel totally logical. This is partially why the puppets are in our video. When you're within a dream, puppets hanging out at a casino might make complete sense."
Watch as the band wine, dine and gamble with not-so-human co-stars in the clip for "My Dead Girl" below.

Speedy Ortiz are about to embark on a string of U.S. tour dates benefitting the Girls Rock Camp Foundation, and you can find full details here.