Speedy Ortiz "The Graduates"

Speedy Ortiz 'The Graduates'
Massachusetts indie rock crew Speedy Ortiz recently announced plans for their latest LP Foil Deer and will be taking the new material on a North American tour this spring. And while that's a lot for fans to look forward to, the band have made things even sweeter still, offering up new track "The Graduates."
It follows first single "Raising the Skate" and takes a trip down memory lane — more specifically, down the hallways of former schools. From dropping out of French club to getting rejected from law school, singer Sadie Dupuis looks back and laments, "I was the best at being second place."
The anecdotes are pretty dismal, but the song itself is a catchy number and you can give it a listen in the player below. Foil Deer is out on April 21 via Carpark.