Spectrum Spools Preps New Releases from Bee Mask and Temporal Marauder

Spectrum Spools Preps New Releases from Bee Mask and Temporal Marauder
When he's not cranking out quality records from his own batch of avant garde side-projects, Emeralds member John Elliott helms Spectrum Spools, an excellent experimental sub-label of Editions Mego. Since launching earlier this year, the label has had a flawless batch of releases, making word that the imprint has two new releases heading our way good news indeed.

The first is a new album from Bee Mask, the forward-thinking project of Chris Madak. Following his Canzoni Dal Laboratorio Del Silenzio Cosmico album's re-release earlier this year, Madak has "reimagined, reedited, and remastered" selections from his limited cassettes and CD-Rs recorded between 2003 and 2010, creating a brand new album from old material called Elegy for Beach Friday (pictured above).

Second on the docket is Temporal Marauder Makes You Feel, an album from mysterious Kraut experimenter Jean Logarin under his Temporal Marauder moniker. Details are elusive, but the album was recorded some time many years ago after Logarin studied under Andrew Rudin in the early '70s, eventually teaming up with Max Tanguy, Hans Schule and Llizza Zuckovich to record this forgotten gem.

Both albums will be released on July 5. A pre-order for Elegy for Beach Friday is available here, while a pre-order for Temporal Marauder Makes You Feel can be found here.

Bee Mask
Elegy for Beach Friday:

1. "Deducted from Your Share in Paradise"
2. "Fallen Tree Thursday and the Half-Crushed Arc of the Sky Taking Tea in the Pastoral Index"
3. "Causes and Cures"
4. "...so that We Each Wander through a True Elysium"
5. "Askion Kataskion Lix Tetrax Damnameneus Aision"
6. "Elegy for Beach Friday"
7. "The Book of Stars Vibrating"
8. "In the Karst Interior"
9. "Stop the Night"
10. "How to Live in a Smashed State"
11. "Scarlet Thread, Golden Cord"

Temporal Marauder
Temporal Marauder Makes You Feel:

1. "Temporal Shift Reaction"
2. "Llissa's Lament"
3. "Subtractive Existence"
4. "I Saw You Walking"
5. "Glances Under Glass"
6. "A Few More Hours"
7. "It Alll Came Rushing Back"
8. "Contempt (Part 2)"