Spearhead Pacifism Is Cowardice

Spearhead Pacifism Is Cowardice
The facets that make up a truly dangerous force are both a broiling will for violence, as well as a calculated efficiency, both of which Spearhead exhibit and administer in Pacifism Is Cowardice, like a ceaseless engine of war, gurgling black fumes as its engine roars over the populace at blinding speed.
In case of band name matching perfectly with their sound, Spearhead make for a quick and vicious thrust with each track, only rarely stopping to breath with short atmospherics before another firestorm bludgeons you.
Spearhead work in the realm of war metal, though of a particular brand that doesn't revel as much in the filth and grit of Revenge or Diocletian, but emotes a kind of imperialistic tone. Songs like "Degeneration Genocide," for instance, are as glorious and exuberant as they are utterly lethal, putting the listener in the perspective of a grandiose conqueror in his campaign to annihilate the world.
Blast beats and breakneck speed are foundations of the war metal style, but even so, drummer, Typhon, plays with such faultless vigour that he threatens to outrun the song itself. Drawing on the definitive Blasphemy-esque guitar soloing, such as the opening to "Khan," all the pieces are in perfect synchronicity, resulting in a war machine of ruthless killing ability.
By the midpoint of Pacifism Is Cowardice, it seems like Spearhead may be running out of ideas, with not as many flourishes or defining sections to keep things interesting, but just when you think it's gone stale, Spearhead make for one final move for the heart with "A Monarch to Rats," which leads into a crushing final ensemble in "Khan" and "Aion (Two Keys and a Lion's Face)" until the atmospheric closer that sounds like the listener feels: obliterated and crushed under a militaristic force unstoppable. (Invictus Productions)