Sparrows Goliath

Sparrows' debut release is a five-song EP produced by Moneen's Kenny Bridges. The Ottawa, ON threesome use their 24-minute introduction to showcase myriad late' 90s/early '00s influences, with moments sounding reminiscent of Small Brown Bike, Sparta and, of course, Moneen. But it's not a game of copycat they're playing. They use the foundation of the bands before them to begin building something new. "Shook Them Bones" is the EP's high point, with aggressive vocals, chunky guitars and a very sweet, melodic bridge. The screaming sections are a bit shaky, but they're heading in the right direction when it comes to blending melody with aggression. "Salesman at the Pulpit, Congregation of Sheep" is their most forceful track, a pointed attack against the Church, which comes across strong and with conviction. While they're a few steps away from building something their own, Sparrows have positioned themselves to do just that. (Finish What You Started)