Southern Culture On The Skids Doublewide and Live

After years together, the purveyors of white trash rock have released a collection of live songs to eat fried chicken to while throwing empty bottles to chase off raccoons. Although it’s tightly played, Doublewide and Live starts off without much impact as the band sound like they’re tired and coasting on fumes. While it’s adequate in delivery, the SCOTS’ version of "Hittin’ on Nothin’” can’t hold a candle to the Detroit Cobras’ more boisterous rendition. By the middle of and end of the disc, however, the group’s energy and playfulness show through much more clearly on rousing songs such as "Whole Lotta Things” and "Ditch Diggin’.” Apart from the handful of moments that seem low on vigour, the band pull off a good and fun concert recording. (Yep Roc)