Soulja Boy's Windshield Attacked By 12-Year-Old

Soulja Boy's Windshield Attacked By 12-Year-Old
A 12-year-old boy in Bloomington, IN was arrested after throwing a rock through the windshield of ringtone rapper Soulja Boy's tour bus Thursday night (March 20), according to a Bloomington Police report.

According to the Pantagraph, once he was apprehended, the pre-teen - whose name has been held from the press due to concern he might get too smothered with hugs and confetti - told officers his reason for doing it was because "I hate Soulja Boy,” said Bloomington Police Lt. Pete Avery.

The incident occurred at approximately 7:40 p.m. outside the posh Hampton Inn West, the day after Mr. "Crank That" performed at the U.S. Cellular Coliseum.

It appears Soulja Boy really knows how to get the blood flowing (or the sauce flowing, that is), as two women, reportedly filled with alcohol, started a scrap the night of the concert. No charges were laid, but did we mention that a kid was arrested for throwing a rock?

Reactions to the Pantagraph's news report has brought out all sorts of colourful comments. One laurenmarie123 wrote: "This kid should be awarded a medal of honor. I applaud him and next time he should use a brick for more damage. " Ouch.

Meanwhile, an elderly fan named Hurried_Hwfe complained of a lack of restraint, adding: "I lik'em. I'm in my 60's. Get that kid in control! "

But it was mj who said what we were all thinking: "What's interesting is that the concert was Wednesday night, and but Soulja and crew didn't leave town until yesterday morning. Did he spend his time going to Chuck E Cheese and Toys R Us? "

Yes, what was Soulja Boy cranking in Bloomington all Thursday long.

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