Turn It Out Remixed

BY Andy LeePublished Feb 1, 2004

This hip-hop take on Soulive’s Turn It Out is not a far stretch for the acid jazz outfit, who has previously worked with Black Thought and Talib Kweli. The track list doubles as a who’s who of underground hip-hop, featuring everyone from J-Live to DJ Krush. Jurassic 5’s Akil and Chali 2na team up with Me’shell N’degeocello on the remix of "Doin’ Something,” a chilled spliff odyssey. The overall mood of this disc is one of blunted reality, so much so that Krush’s spin on the title track somehow manages to be one of the more upbeat remixes. Minus the improvisation that lies at the core of jazz, these churned-out hip-hip cuts are redundant at best and repetitive at worst.

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