Soulfly Soulfly 3

Soulfly returns with their third Brazilian-flavoured and religiously tainted disc. The record, Soulfly 3, includes the signature Latin percussion beats (served up on this record by Meia Noite) and the throaty vocals of Max Cavalera. What stands out on the record is the lighter fare of tracks like "Tree of Pain," which mixes the R&B-style vocals of Asha Rabouin with heavier interludes. The song is a three-part story (including the vocal work of Cavalera's stepson Ritchie) of individual loss. Soulfly also marks the World Trade Centre disaster by including one minute of silence in the middle of the disc. Soulfly has obviously grown since their last release, moving away from the hundreds of guest appearances that littered Primitive, and the group is more dependent on their own abilities and flare with Soulfly 3. And their instincts aren't all that bad. (Roadrunner)