Sophia Bel's "All Fucking Weekend" Is the Future of Pop-Punk

It's the opening track from her upcoming debut album 'Anxious Avoidant'

Photo: Will Arcand

BY Matt BobkinPublished Apr 13, 2022

We've written extensively about Canadian pop-punk greats reclaiming their thrones — with Avril Lavigne's return to her roots, Sum 41 and Simple Plan's team-up, joint tour and new albums — but Montreal's Sophia Bel is crashing the party with her forward-thinking take on the genre.

The Exclaim! New Fave's debut album Anxious Avoidant, out this Friday (April 15) via Bonsound, pads out her heartbroken lyrics and speedy rock riffs with strong currents of hyperpop and alt-country, ebbing and flowing to capture a range of relatable emotions, as evidenced in the album's opening track and latest single "All Fucking Weekend."

Things start off slowly with chugging guitars and wistful verses, as Bel sings about the vulnerabilities of fresh romance and new commitment: "I'm not trying to be possessive / I just need a clear message / Spell it out, what it means to you." It's reflected in the accompanying video, directed by Caraz, where Bel — in a series of outfits and makeup looks that would make the Euphoria characters proud — gets ready to meet up with a date, passing the time by playing guitar, The Sims and with a grotesque model heart (what symbolism!).

Once it's clear that (spoiler alert) her crush is standing her up, the guitars pick up, cresting into a high-octane riff-heavy outro that delivers plenty of payoff while the visuals get more intense. Get ready for Sims on fire, extreme close-ups and many more cool looks courtesy of Bel and her bandmates.

Watch the "All Fucking Weekend" video below.

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