Here's the Long List of Media Streaming Apps Coming to PlayStation 5

Netflix, Disney+, Spotify, YouTube, Twitch and, finally, Apple TV will all be coming to PS5

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Oct 22, 2020

The insanely anticipated PlayStation 5 is finally entering our lives in a few weeks, and at last, Sony has given us a glimpse of the next-gen console's media hub.

Today Sony announced that the PS5 will feature a long list of entertainment apps upon launch, showing that the console will work as much as an entertainment media hub as a gaming system.

Notably, PS5 will finally introduce Apple TV and Apple TV+, which were absent on the PS4. Beyond that, PS5 will include Netflix, Disney+, Spotify, YouTube and Twitch.

The announcement also states that a ton more streaming apps are incoming for PS5. While not available at launch, Amazon Prime Video, MyCanal, Hulu, Peacock and more will all later come to the console, Sony promises.

"As we showed in our tour of the PS5 User Experience, there will be a dedicated space exclusively for media entertainment," Sony states. "It's located right next to the Game home screen, so you can quickly switch between Game or Media content." 

Unfortunately, Sony hasn't released any new video of the PS5 UI to show more of its media capabilities, but it does expand on the console's media focus like this:

Within the Media space, you'll no longer need to download entertainment apps through PS Store — it's all in the Media space. Creating dedicated Game and Media spaces for the PS5 user experience will make it fast and easy to switch between gaming and entertainment content whenever you want. The PS5 console also features a new Control Center that makes controlling your music easier than ever before, so you can quickly switch between channels, skip, and pause your music.

At the launch of the PS5 console, there will be a new Media Remote to conveniently navigate and control the entertainment experience on PS5. Users can power on the PS5 console and quickly navigate media with built-in play/pause, fast forward and fast reverse controls. The remote also lets users adjust volume and power settings on compatible TVs, and also features dedicated launch buttons for the following entertainment apps, Disney+ Netflix, Spotify and YouTube.

Unfortunately, Sony has ayet to mention if the PS5 will contain a similar Media Player app as that on the PS4, allowing users to play media off an external hard drive. So if you're wishing for that function — and hopefully better codec support — keep those fingers crossed extra hard.

PlayStation 5 arrives on November 12 in North America and in other parts of the world on November 19 — if you can get yourself one, at least.

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