SonReal "Preach" (video)

SonReal 'Preach' (video)
Vancouver rapper SonReal's music has been taking him a lot of places these days. As proof, a new video for his recent "Preach" single has the spitter showing off the scenery of the several cities he graced on a recent U.S. tour.

There are a few obvious spots on display, from SonReal cramming together with a bunch of tourists in front of the White House, or spending time at Keystone, ND's Mount Rushmore. We're pretty sure the Canadian rhymer's face hasn't actually been carved out in stone alongside the U.S. presidents, though.

Apparently he met a "pool doctor" in Oklahoma City, stopped by Lansing, MI, to check out the Common Grounds Music Festival, spent some time at Jay Z's old Marcy Houses stomping grounds in Brooklyn and caught a glance of Philadelphia's famous LOVE sculpture as well.

You'll find the multi-city extravaganza down below.