Sonny and the Sunsets "Palmreader" (video)

Sonny and the Sunsets 'Palmreader' (video)
Sonny Smith may have a music career with jangly pop crew Sonny and the Sunsets, but he apparently still has a job working the ticket booth at a movie house to help pay the bills. Conveniently enough, the theatre is currently screening the new video for the band's recent single "Palmreader," off their upcoming LP, Antenna to the Afterworld.

The meta video has a couple checking out the flick on a date, but this isn't really a rom-com kind of picture. The black and white film they peep features two park-bound musicians in a power struggle, interrupting their practicing routines to mangle each other with arrows and office staplers.

You can see who lives to tootle another day by streaming the short film inside a short film down below.

As for Antenna to the Afterworld, it drops June 11 through Polyvinyl.