The Sonics to Be Explored in Upcoming 'BOOM!' Documentary

The Sonics to Be Explored in Upcoming 'BOOM!' Documentary
The Sonics resurgence has been going on strong for years now, but interest in the Tacoma, WA garage rock greats is booming so much so that a full-length documentary is in the works. Fittingly enough, the upcoming music flick is titled BOOM! A Film About the Sonics.

An Indiegogo campaign was started up earlier this week by filmmaker Jordan Albertsen, with the doc being described as "The wild story of one of rock and roll's most influential and infamous bands: The Sonics."

It's explained that the film has been in the works for seven years, with Albertsen having contacted the group about the project after seeing a reunion show in 2007.

Albertsen and his crew followed the band around during a 2014 European tour, filming performances and conducting interviews with the various members of the band, most famous for songs including "The Witch" and "Psycho."

The film proposes to take a deep look at the rise and fall, as well as reunion, of the Washington unit, from their formation in the early '60s up to the present day. In addition to existing footage, filmmakers are seeking funds to shoot "historical recreations." All told, they're seeking $50,000 USD.

The campaign offers incentives such as signed copies of, perhaps unsurprisingly, the band's 1966 sophomore LP Boom, as well as 1965's Here Are the Sonics and this year's This Is the Sonics, the group's first new album in close to 50 years. They're also offering up posters, production credits, drums lessons from the band's Dusty Watson and more.

You'll find the full list of incentives over here.

You can watch a trailer for BOOM! A Film About the Sonics down below.

The Sonics, meanwhile, have dates on the horizon, with a Canadian appearance scheduled at Vancouver's Venue on Saturday (July 18). You'll find all of the date details over here.