Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo Discusses 'Sister' Reissue, Live Album, Tour Movie

Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo Discusses 'Sister' Reissue, Live Album, Tour Movie
While we're still not sure what the current status of Sonic Youth is since the break-up of Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon's marriage, guitarist Lee Ranaldo did hint at a number of archival projects coming to fruition in the months to come. A new interview has brought some of the previously mentioned packages to light once again.

Speaking to BBC's Radio 5 Live in support of his recent solo venture Between the Times and the Tides, Ranaldo admitted that "it's impossible to say what the future holds" for the long-running rock act, but he confirmed some pre-existing goodies are about to hit fans sometime soon.

A live album that was initially announced in 2010, supposedly taken from a 1985 concert, will apparently be released "in the next couple of months," but not much else is known beyond that. He also hinted at more concert recordings coming to light somewhere down the line.

Some demo recordings from the mid-'80s Sister-era are also expected to show up "maybe for a deluxe edition of that record."

Sonic Youth are also apparently working on touching up some tour footage for a film that was shelved back in the day, though Ranaldo didn't clarify how the audiovisual experience will be released.

"We've got a tour movie we filmed back in '86 on a U.S. tour for Sister that never saw the light of day, so we're kind of finishing up the editing on that," he said, adding, "There's tons and tons of stuff in our catalog, a series of music we made for films over the years that's never been released -- all kinds of stuff."

You can listen to the full interview down below.

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