Sonic Avenues "Hiding From You"

Sonic Avenues 'Hiding From You'
Given the sheer volume of bands that claim The Buzzcocks and The Jam as primary influences, it's rather shocking just how many can't make it work. When a band does produce a record that matches the pop hooks, aggression and scrappy energy of their heroes, it's a minor miracle.

The Exploding Hearts were such a band - their lone album, 2003's Guitar Romantic is already considered a modern classic. Unfortunately the Portland, OR quartet never got to witness their success thanks to a tragic van crash which killed three of its members. Since then many have tried to recapture the 'Hearts energy and bratty teenaged spirit, with only Gentleman Jesse and His Men coming anywhere close.

But where so many have failed Montreal's Sonic Avenues succeed in spades with their debut self-titled album, out November 26 on Going Gaga Records. The similarities to the Exploding Hearts are quite staggering, but completely forgiven after listening to the first 30 seconds of "Hiding From You," and it's not even the best track on the record.

Though hardly the most groundbreaking group, the oh so catchy choruses and just the right amount of in the red lo-fi noise easily make Sonic Avenues one of the most fun albums to come out of Canada this year.

Listen to Sonic Avenue's "Hiding From You" here.