Song of Zarathustra A View From High Tides

Song of Zarathustra returns with the follow-up to their amazing The Birth of Tragedy, which signals a slight musical shift but is another impressive release regardless. Following a number of line-up changes, Song of Zarathustra’s sound has lost a little of its dreamy drone, with the keys/organs being more in the background on most tracks, but has in the process redefined its aggressive attack, tightened its songwriting and become more streamlined. A View From High Tides is still heavily layered and in depth, however, throwing around post-punk/hardcore hooks, numerous melodies and chaotic, noisy pieces, and it is eerie how it resembles a more ethereal, less complexity-obsessed and metallic Refused, what with the jangle-y, jagged sound, shouted but slightly swaggering vocals and unpredictable riffing. But Song of Zarathustra’s sound is their own, veering from ominous to bouncy and harsh to dream-like, with "We Scholars,” "Pill Catcher,” "Tame” and "A Poisonous Moment” standing out on this excellent album. A View From High Tides continues to further the shape of punk and firmly places Song of Zarathustra as one of its leaders. (Troubleman)