Song of Zarathustra The Birth of Tragedy

Song of Zarathustra has released a brilliant, unconventional and strikingly original album, with The Birth of Tragedy. Not far removed from the post-punk, noise world, Song of Zarathustra cannot simply be labelled another post-rock/punk/noise band. Far more aggressive than many of that ilk, Song of Zarathustra's sound swirls and confronts, aggressively charging forward, yet utilising keyboards, drones and melodies in a way that adds depth and seemingly endless layers to the chaos that is captured on The Birth of Tragedy. While sometimes sounding like defunct label-mates Camera Obscura or the Locust, minus the grindcore, and, at others, like the bastard spawn of a more noise rock-oriented Refused, Song of Zarathustra has forged their own identity while creating a superb album that simply cannot be adequately grasped upon initial listen. Musically dense and colourful, the stark, minimalist artwork provides a striking contrast to a fantastic record, which may confuse and confound, but won't disappoint. (Troubleman)